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Syllabus of Free Training

Module 1: Introduction to Apache Spark (Available Length 48 Minutes)

  1. Introduction to Apache Spark
  2. Features of Apache Spark
  3. Apache Spark Stack
  4. Introduction to RDD's
  5. RDD's Transformation
  6. What is good and bad In MapReduce?
  7. Why to use Apache Spark

Module 2: Cloudera QuickStart VM Installation (Hands-on Lab + PDF Download) (Available Length 34 Minutes)

  1. Include Hadoop
  2. Include Apache Spark
  3. Include Hive
  4. Include Sqoop
  5. Include Hue

Module 3: Deep Dive in HDFS: (Available Length 48 Minutes)

  1. HDFS Design
  2. Fundamental of HDFS (Blocks, NameNode, DataNode, Secondary Name Node)
  3. Rack Awareness
  4. Read/Write from HDFS
  5. HDFS Federation  and High Availability (Hadoop 2.x.x)
  6. HDFS Command Line Interface

Module 4: Spark Shell Hands On Using HDFS (Hands-on Lab + PDF Download) (Available Length 34 Minutes)

  1. Spark Shell Introduction
  2. Create file using Hue
  3. Spark Shell extracting file from HDFS
  4. Create RDD from HDFS file

Module 5: Programming with RDD Part-1 (Hands-on Lab + PDF Download) (Available Length 28 Minutes)

  1. Creating new RDD
  2. Transformations on RDD
  3. Lineage Graph
  4. Actions on RDD
  5. RDD Concepts on Persist and Cache
  6. Lazy evaluation of RDD